Accelytics Consulting, LLC

Accelytics successfully delivers complex supply chain, financial planning and sales performance solutions.

How do you work with Anaplan?

The foundation of our partnership with Anaplan is based on transparency, mutual respect and trust, with a genuine focus on the success of the partner.

Accelytics has made significant investment in articulating Anaplan’s value proposition to prospects by assisting in presales activities, providing complimentary assessments and road maps, and creating proofs-of-concept and demonstrations. We take the time to explain to our customers that a tool like Anaplan can provide themwith standardized, centralized, robust and rapid planning capabilities; capabilities they will need if they are to stay ahead of the curve.

Business success

To date, we are delighted to have over 125 totally satisfied customers, ranging from SME to Fortune100 customers with $100 million to $200 billion in revenue.

Case study

The client is a global manufacturer of tires for vehicles used in the automobile, motorcycle and industrial equipment sectors.

The challenge: The planning cycle was slow to execute, and collaboration between Asian and US plants was driven by Excel spreadsheets and email. Master scheduling was done manually and planning accuracy was low, creating inventory issues in the US.

The solution: A single Anaplan model was created to drive collaboration, optimize network inventory and create master production schedules. A supplier collaboration solution delivered better communication across the company and automated data feeds from multiple systems and suppliers offered visibility over the entire network.