Customer and Product Profitability for Telecom

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Telecom operators typically don’t have insights into profitability at a granular level, such as by product, offer, channel, region, or customer. This solution provides profitability views by contribution margin and EBITDA, allowing telecom operators to better understand true drivers of profitability and make better decisions.

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Driving activity-based EBITDA-level profitability for better decision-making

Gaining visibility into product, channel, and customer profitability transforms decision-making for telcos, incliding:

  • Product and offer prioritization for sales and marketing.
  • Valuable insights for marketing to inform pricing and promotions.
  • Identifying areas for cost reduction and resource allocation or re-deployment.

Solution features

This solution provides telcos with accurate, dynamic, and granular views of profitability…

  • Develop robust visibility and allocation of cost drivers.
  • Allocate costs using activity-based drivers and real operational data.
  • Develop and deploy standardized cost allocation methods across functions and BUs.
  • Prioritize highly profitable products, offers, and customers, for greater investment.
  • Identify under-performing products for de-prioritization or elimination.
  • Use resources more effectively  to deliver the highest value to the business.