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The Real Estate Planning model provides a foundation for Connected Planning and scenario modeling within the real estate life cycle. This model provides an area for management of key data related to assets and transactions, and a domain for collaboration across teams with advanced reporting insights. Within the model, transactional entries and asset detail management pages allow for real-time adjustments to reflect high-level KPIs for instant and adaptive analysis. In addition, cash-flow analytics and property breakdown reports provide insights to drive collaboration for effective key business decisions.

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Shift from siloed to connected real estate planning

The difficulties of off-line sheets for real estate financial planning can cause delayed decision-making and less effective collaboration across teams. The Real Estate Planning model provides a template to integrate the underlying details related to assets and transactions with high-level cash flow and property reports for an efficient and more effective planning process.

Solution features

The Real Estate Planning demo has multiple features to guide your planning process:

  • The ability to manage and review asset detail.
  • Review and adjust monthly forecasts by asset.
  • The ability to add and update transaction details.
  • Analyze high-level KPIs by fund and asset type.
  • Scenario model multiple cash flow conditions.
  • The ability to analyze data with cash flow variance analysis.
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