Sales Performance Management for Telecom

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Accelerate sales planning cycles, improve seller productivity, and enable sales and finance leaders with the right planning and compensation insights to drive:

  • 8-10%  increase in top-line revenue.
  • 5-8%  increase in average margin per seller.
  • 5-15%  improvement on commission spend ROI.

Outcomes achieved are representative, drawn from Accenture engagements and case studies.

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Intelligent sales planning and incentive compensation management

Accenture’s sales performance accelerators combine with Anaplan’s AI/ML-powered sales planning capabilities to provide telcos with key predictive insights to:

  • Identify high propensity accounts  by augmenting internal data with external data.
  • Optimize sales territories and coverage, and set fair targets and quotas.
  • Build and manage  sales compensation plans for maximum effectiveness.

Solution features

Accenture and Anaplan’s sales performance management solution provide telcos with key predictive insights:

  • Build an intelligent segmentation strategy focused on high-propensity accounts.
  • Identify new accounts and ideal markets to carve out effective sales territories.
  • Optimize your sales plan by uncovering more opportunities to reach your revenue goals.
  • Access real-time insights and buying signals to design achievable targets and quotas.
  • Quickly adjust territories and quotas based on dynamically updated account intelligence.
  • Ensure that sales reps and managers always know where they stand with real-time calculations and visibility.
  • Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios around compensation plans, attainment vs. targets, sales forecasts, etc.