At Accordion, we leverage our technology expertise to help both strategic enterprise accounts and PE-backed companies enable smarter financial and operational decision-making. Working with finance functions to unlock the full potential of the Anaplan platform, our team empowers clients to transform their planning process and drive actionable, real-time forecasts — without the need for a massive manual effort.

How do you help solve your customers’ challenges?

Offline and antiquated Excel-driven “guesstimates” and inflexible legacy systems no longer cut it; without a modern technology platform, Finance teams lack the real-time data visibility necessary to drive accurate forecasts and well-informed business decisions. Automated planning forecasts, based on operational driver data and statistical modeling, save both time and money while creating connected, agile plans.

Accordion’s expertise lies in solving pain points across use cases that include:

  • Accelerated Profitability (P&L) Planning to help companies quickly react to external market changes (with flexibility assumptions and “what if” modeling).
  • Workforce & HR Planning to better manage employees.
  • Sales Forecasting to gain insights from real-time business development activity.
  • Financial Close to gain confidence and efficiency in financial reporting.
  • Strategic Planning to better plan for the future.

A modern technology platform is only one piece of the puzzle for creating impactful business results. Accordion also helps drive value for the Office of the CFO through our eight cross-functional service offerings — which include defining strategic finance processes, providing audit and close assistance, supporting transaction execution and public company readiness, helping CFOs drive enterprise-wide transformation, and more.

Case study

Situation: A Fortune 500 media and telecommunications conglomerate lacked a single source of truth for reporting, as well as a tool for the planning & budgeting of corporate functions. They engaged Accordion to help them get a more holistic view of their various business segments while supporting highly tailored, business-unit-specific planning requirements.

Impact: Leveraging Anaplan, Accordion helped the Company seamlessly collect & analyze data, plan, and report across all of their business units. The corporate planning model reduced the FP&A Team’s manual effort and shaved significant time off their planning cycles, and Accordion is now seen as a strategic partner that will continue to develop the Company’s CPM landscape going forward.