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Thanks to its real-time monitoring, the application enables the optimization of project portfolios by centralizing information from the various planning processes. The application also allows you to define, validate, and simulate a project according to operational or financial hypotheses for the costs at the end of the project. The application allows you to rationalize the capacity of project resources by optimizing their use and offers turnkey financial reportings.

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Leverage your ability to steer and optimize project portfolios

Organizational adaptability is increasingly critical in these uncertain times. Adaptation to new work modes and to evolving customer requests increases the need for companies to quickly reorganize their resources to meet changing needs and financial constraints. Companies must be able to assess the costs of completing projects while maintaining control of their budgets and customer expectations. Then, the Project Control Tower application can help answer the following questions :

  • How can resource management be rationalized to better manage project portfolios?
  • To what extent is it possible to optimize cash management per contract?
  • How can we ensure the follow-up and the costs at the end of the projects while limiting the operational and financial risks?

Solution features

Aid the understanding and the financial and operational follow-up of projects within your portfolio

  • Global vision of the Project Portfolio Management.
  • Create and simulate different scenario and identify best case.
  • Easy connection of the costs to the defined milestones.
  • Validate project master data, cost structure, internal and/or external pricing and planning.
  • User-friendly monitoring and easy-made simulation for large project portfolios.
  • Connect operational and financial aspects.
  • Thorough resource planning and allocation of the necessary resources.
  • Easy and fast managing of multi-annual projects lifecycle.
  • Update actual data and project figures, and monitor project portfolios vs budget.
  • Custom-made reports combine different KPIs and alerts enable pro-active Project Portfolio Management.
Portfolio management: Global vision of the project portfolio management dashboard
Optimization and simulation: Thorough resource planning and allocation of the necessary resources dashboard
Project Control Tower Dashboard