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Intro to Cost-to-Serve

Using Anaplan for Cost-to-Serve ensures a factual way to identify where and how costs are incurred through the supply chain network. It also creates new opportunities for optimising the network.

Through the implementation of Cost-to-Serve, Anaplan will provide organisations with visibility of true cost and profitability for each customer, provide actionable insight for improvements, and allow modeling the effect of decisions across the business.

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Using Anaplan for managing and understanding your supply chain costs

Supply chains are complex entities. Even if you simplify your product range and your upstream suppliers, you still have to deal with the ramifications of diverse customers, their expectations, their locations, and the logistics needed to meet their requirements.

Our Cost-to-Serve model enables understanding of what it truly costs to deliver a good or a service to a customer. Through better understanding of which products and customers are profitable and which ones are not, we are able to affect performance across the supply chain.

Solution features

  • How much does it “Cost to Serve” your customer?
  • Optimise your supply chain.
  • Link operations, logistics, and transactional data.
  • Affect profitability change to your supply chain.
  • Customisable to your requirements and level of granularity.
  • Quickly model scenarios.
  • Allocate indirect costs down to individual customers and products.
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on Cost-to-Serve
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on Cost-to-Serve
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on Cost-to-Serve