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Webinar recording: IFRS 16

The IFRS 16 Anaplan application that we have developed in conjunction with our partner Finext gives users the option of easily creating new contracts and modifying existing contracts. In addition, an automated upload can also be developed that makes it clear which contracts are new or modified. The financial consequences of contract changes are automatically calculated. Anaplan offers the functionality to process the results of these calculations directly in your ERP system. This custom-built application can be implemented within your organisation in a short period of time and with no requirement to be a current Anaplan customer.

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IFRS 16 with Anaplan

From 2019 onward, the new IFRS 16 accounting standard must be applied. The valuation of lease constructions on the balance sheet can have a lot of impact on the figures of your organisation. Our custom-built application allows users to easily manage their lease contracts while complying with IFRS.

Our specialists have developed a standard IFRS 16 solution on the Anaplan platform alongside our partner Finext. The advantage of this cloud-based solution lies in the rapid implementation and limited need for IT resources. The application is flexible enough to grow with the organisation without having to make investments in advance. Anaplan has an intuitive, user friendly interface where all data is managed centrally.

Solution features

  • Manage and modify your total scope of lease contracts.
  • Gain insights in your data to see what impact IFRS 16 has on your financial statements.
  • A full-contract work and approval flow is available in the app.
  • Contract changes such as early termination, prolongation, or a change in discount rate are automatically recalculated.
  • All journal entries are gathered on dashboards and can be exported to your local ERP system.
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on IFRS 16 app
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on IFRS 16 app
Bedford Consulting Anaplan chart on IFRS 16 app