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ESGplan - your ultimate ESG solution

BCG’s ESGplan, powered by Anaplan’s cloud-based enterprise platform, provides an integrated end-to-end ESG solution that combines ESG strategy with enterprise- wide business planning. It optimizes for impact and/or costs at the organizational level, enabling risk management with powerful scenario design and analytical capabilities.

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Embed ESG in enterprise planning with advanced analytics and scenario analysis

Company stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, regulators) demand that companies consider ESG impacts as part of the business practices.

Companies, however, often face challenges—from collecting data to constructing strategies—when it comes to ESG planning. Many organizations run a siloed ESG program that struggles to gather fragmented information from various business units, leading to inefficient processes.

ESGplan was developed to address the challenges of incorporating ESG as part of the core planning processes. With BCG’s expertise in industries, corporate strategy, and risk management; and Anaplan’s enterprise cloud platform, ESGplan delivers an end-to-end solution that embeds ESG into enterprise strategic planning, offering visibility across the organization.

Solution features

Key differentiators of ESGplan

  • Centralized ESG and financial data across the business for a single source of truth.
  • Comprehensive project inventory in a central location.
  • Customized scenarios to simulate various potential economic environments.
  • Scenario-based optimizer for identifying optimal project portfolio to achieve objective, given company-specific constraints.
  • Detailed roadmap of project implementation across time, including priorities, dependencies, and sequencing of projects.
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis to highlight risks and opportunities.
  • Financial impact insights of ESG strategy and integrated enterprise planning.
  • Performance tracking to monitor initiative progress and metrics against set targets and allowing for periodic recalibrating.
  • Ready-to-publish customized reports to facilitate effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.