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In a world of uncertainty, business leaders face enormous pressure to predict outcomes based on a multitude of business drivers. BCG’s oil and gas advanced analytics offering automates scenario-based financial forecasting through driver-based simulations. Our solution leverages historical distributions to simulate price and operational risks at the asset level. The hierarchy within Anaplan provides drill-down capabilities across each simulation to the segment, business unit, and asset level, and includes comprehensive bottom-up and top-down analysis.

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Automate driver-based planning through cash flow at risk modeling

BCG’s oil and gas integrated business-planning platform provides cash flow analytics for upstream and downstream operations. BCG has developed an advanced analytics methodology to seamlessly integrate advanced analytics (optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, etc.) models into Anaplan.

Solution features

Analytical techniques

  • Drill-down capabilities within Anaplan facilitate data inspection and review of simulations
  • Operational risk methodologies forecast timing of disruptions, estimated time to operationalize, and dollar losses
  • Prices and operational metric outcomes are combined and summarized
  • Key report generation is flexible and includes a dynamic user interface