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Cervello’s Rebates Optimizer Model enables companies to make the most of the discounts offered by its suppliers. By connecting rebates from all vendors, supply plan forecasts, and financial projections in a single place, companies can ensure that they capture all of the value available to them via rebates and that they streamline communications with suppliers. This enables them to know when to expect payment, to stay on top of repayment terms, and to provide a better position for negotiating rebate terms.

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A single solution to maximize value from rebate offerings

Large companies regularly find themselves receiving rebate offerings from their suppliers. Although these rebates represent a great financial opportunity, they are often hard to manage. Multiple suppliers result in a scramble of emails, spreadsheets, and an overall lack of clarity in the current rebate situation. Moreover, a decentralized approach does not empower the company to manage and take full advantage of the values offered.

The Rebates Optimizer Model offers a space for suppliers to update their rebate offerings without the need to exchange emails. Any change made by suppliers is immediately reflected in the rebates forecast, saving time in evaluating the best course of action.

Solution features

Centralized rebates management solution:

  • Rebates forecasting.
  • Scenario comparison.
  • Supplier communication.
  • Variance analysis.
  • Supplier comparison.
  • Vendor SLA tracking.
  • Rebate approval workflows.
Solution landing page. Helps user navigate the rebates management process from importing current supply plans to SLA tracking.
Rebates optimizer page. Allows users to use a sandbox space to modify the imported supply plan and compare the potential benefits of modifying it.
Supplier comparison matrix. Breaks down the total rebates and cashback amounts by month and compares suppliers by average discount, on time payment occurrences, and total rebates.