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About Us

For over 20 years Columbus Consulting has been helping retailers and consumer products companies achieve their business goals. Unlike other consultants, Columbus was founded as a resource for insiders…. we know your industry, because we were in your industry. Our partners and consultants came from the business and held senior-level positions. These are the same folks who assess, recommend and implement solutions that drive results for every client we work for.

Why Columbus

From design to delivery, Columbus Consulting’s team of We’re different because we are just like you. We know that finding practical solutions to business problems is what companies need. Sure, we can build thick PowerPoint decks and spend hours of time in meetings that leave you with more work, but how does that help you? Our teams work side by side with you and operate as part of your team.

Our story is simple. We are practicing experts. We take pride in our client’s success and that’s it. And, after 20 years, over 300 clients and a network of hundreds of top industry talent, that seems to be working.

We feel your pain, Why?

Because we have been there and done that before. We know what keeps our clients up at night and, more importantly, we know how to address the pain points.

 Top Planning pain points

  1. Inconsistent measurements
  2. Lack of organizational alignment
  3. Disjointed planning processes AND multiple planning tools
  4. Legacy or outdated enabling technologies

We succeed when our clients succeed

See for yourself

  • High-growth variety store retailer ($22 billion revenue) with 12,500 locations across 43 states leveraged Anaplan to deliver gross margin planning, corporate expense planning and net income modeling.
  • Global retail leader in video commerce ($11 billion revenue) selected Anaplan to provide improved insight, buy-in, accountability and responsiveness for its critical freight planning needs across zones, carriers, time and products for current and historical years.
  • Multinational cosmetic, skincare, fragrance and personal care company ($2.8 billion revenue) implemented Anaplan for its promotional and key account planning solution.

Our Promise

Columbus Consulting builds authentic client partnerships that yield long-term, trusting relationships, bringing with us a “skin in the game” mindset that drives predictable and sustainable results. Our team of retail, wholesale and consumer goods specialists guides and supports clients to execute their most important initiatives based on a holistic standard of excellence. We retain our competitive edge by constantly innovating and evolving around business and technology trends, curating the best teams to match the challenge of constant change. We promise to deliver against our core values of trust and integrity and we’re committed to making the industries we work within better, one business at a time.

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