Deloitte’s DigitalMix Solution, Powered by Anaplan

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The time is right—some would say overdue—for leading companies to have an integrated solution that advances truly connected sales planning.

Deloitte’s DigitalMix solution serves just that purpose: Teams from across Deloitte have come together to pre-build a set of end-to-end integrations designed to pass data between best-in-class cloud-based sales planning, pay, and execution platforms. This powerful combination of cloud applications and integrations can help transform the way your organization plans and executes your sales strategy:

  • Territory and Quota Management, powered by Anaplan.
  • Compensation and Crediting.
  • Detailed Account and Opportunity Management, powered by Salesforce.
  • Automated Data Flow, powered by MuleSoft (now a part of Salesforce).

Top advantages of DigitalMix

Industry-agnostic sales planning and performance management

DigitalMix can be used across industries and tailored to your organization’s unique needs, sales planning, and performance management processes.

Cloud-based technical experience

From planning and performance management to CRM and automated integrations, the DigitalMix solution uses best-of-breed cloud-based solutions to provide the most efficient end-to-end process and enhanced user experiences.

Rapid deployment and ready access

Our cloud-based DigitalMix solution helps reduce implementation and training time, enabling compressed timelines for building sales plans and turning around required sales letters to get your sales teams up and running.

Expanded collaboration

The integration among systems encourages your sales planning, finance, compensation, analytics, and account management teams to collaborate to improve efficiencies and transparency across your organization.

Commitment to the organization

Deloitte’s market leadership in sales planning and performance management, combined with our strategic long-term relationship with Anaplan and other cloud-based systems means we’re committed to working with your company on sales planning and performance management innovation—both now and in the future.