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Building assortments has never been so complex. “Omni-channel” customers shop across multiple channels, geographies, brands, and even business models. Yet most companies still rely on simple spreadsheets and manual processes to manage this critical activity. A better solution is needed, one designed for how your people work and assortments really get defined. Such a solution should combine smart analytics, flexibility, and integration on a leading-edge technology platform.

Deloitte’s ConnectedAssortment (CA) is designed to offer you all that and more.

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ConnectedAssortment Capabilities

ConnectedAssortment is powered by the cloud-based platform Anaplan (see “Connected planning solutions”) for fast implementation and rapid scaling across your company’s planning functions. Embedded in it are many industry leading practices that help increase speed to value, including consistent approaches to assortment calculations, techniques for stratifying purchasing quantities against anticipated sales, and the ability to perform roll-ups and reporting. Here are just a few of the capabilities the solution is designed to offer:

Solution features

  • Integrated assortment analytics and planning
  • Smooth Integration
  • Real-time Interaction
  • Flexible editing
  • Omni-channel
  • Instant summary reporting
The conceptual assortment planning module offers a user-friendly platform for assortment development.
The buy module optimizes quantities by modeling recommendations and an iterative capabilities.