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ConnectedSelling™ Commercial Planning

Deloitte’s commercial planning solution, which runs on Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform, is designed to help companies drive more effective collaboration in the development and in-year management of commercial plans. It’s based on leading-edge cognitive analytic capabilities that are part of Deloitte’s DemandBrain™ solution.

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Digital commercial planning solution with advanced analytics

The time is right—some would say overdue—for consumer products and retail companies to have a pre-configured, industry-specific solution that seamlessly integrates commercial planning and advanced analytics. Even better, what if that solution were cloud-based and deployable in several weeks rather than in many months or years?

Solution features

Deloitte’s commercial planning solution rapidly delivers value through:

  • Integrated annual planning processes. Align on targets (top-down), account/brand plans (bottom-up), and reconcile gaps.
  • Optimal commercial investment allocation. Intelligently allocate/manage marketing, sales, customer, and trade investments.
  • Increased trade promotion effectiveness and efficiency. Use predictive analytics in planning to gain real-time insights.
  • Improved forecast accuracy. Anticipate demand volatility based on internal and external factors impacting demand.
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