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Deloitte’s Digital Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) application is a connected collaboration, planning, and forecasting model designed to provide labor and non-labor operational performance insights and spend transparency. Using demand drivers, benchmarks, functional leading practices, and historical data trends, the ZBB application connects spend reduction opportunities and impact to clean sheet, bottom-up, functional budgets for all enterprise functions.

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ZBB enables rapid realization of cost savings and budget transparency

Deloitte’s Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) application covers cross-functional spend categories and drivers applicable to all organizations regardless of industry. Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform enables faster ZBB implementation and rapid scaling across the planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes. The solution addresses industry-agnostic G&A expenses and cost reduction opportunities with leading practices, tools, and templates that help improve the budgeting and forecasting processes and increase speed to value.

ZBB has a very broad definition in the marketplace. Our Digital ZBB approach incorporates Strategic Business Transformation across all labor and non-labor SG&A and COGS-addressable spend on the frontend, and a bottom-up, clean sheet, demand-driven build budget process on the backend.

The ZBB application connects the frontend to the backend by:

  • Integrating and incorporating the latest performance benchmarks and drivers into the transformational approach
  • Providing better visibility to functional performance and cost reduction improvement targets
  • Aligning improvement initiatives and glidepaths to future state budgets
  • Facilitating a bottom-up, clean sheet budget build
  • Creating budget transparency for leadership to make the best spend investment decision

Solution features

This application covers cross-functional spend categories and drivers applicable to all organizations regardless of industry:

  • Workforce planning: Employee salary and benefits assumptions, tech costs per employee, and new/open role planning.
  • Project planning: Construct the cost of each project by department/activities and add project justification for each project.
  • Travel expense planning: Define cost assumption of each travel expense and define each expected travel expense by department.
  • Marketing/events planning: Create marketing campaigns or plan events and define costs for each.
  • IT enterprise technology: Define expenses linked to ongoing operation of enterprise tech (maintenance, licensing).
  • Department overhead: Plan for department expenses not associated with project, marketing campaign, events, or enterprise tech
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