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Deloitte’s Intelligent Inventory application, powered by the Anaplan platform, addresses key inventory challenges applicable to organizations, including inaccurate target estimations, lack of insights from large scale data, and the need to assess the impact of shifting market conditions. It enables dynamic statistical calculations of inventory parameters, AI/ML insights into drivers of inventory, and scenario planning to make effective decisions.

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Right size inventory, improve underlying drivers and enhance organisational resilience

Start first by hitting the curve—determine what inventory is needed based on your supply chain capabilities to optimize right size inventory, improve underlying drivers, and enhance organisational resilience. Then focus on shifting the curve—improve your capabilities around the drivers of inventory to increase service while reducing working capital requirements.

Solution features

Address systemic inventory challenges through:

  • Inventory segmentation
  • Statistical and AI/ML analysis for target setting
  • Real-time scenario and “what-if” analysis
  • Root cause analysis and opportunity identification


Inventory Segmentation (ABC) based on demand volume over past 12 months. Also available in XYZ view.
Safety Stock driver analysis to analyze correlation between safety stock and either lead time (as shown here) or forecast errors.