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What is PrecisionView™ Algorithmic Forecasting?

PrecisionView™, Deloitte’s proprietary advanced forecasting solution, leverages data aggregation technologies with predictive analytics, cognitive, and machine learning capabilities to allow businesses to generate improved forecasting accuracy and predictive modeling. The solution also helps generate high-impact insights that relate to the total enterprise, business units, geographies, and products. It’s no secret that traditional forecasting and predictive modeling methods can be excessively manual and prone to unintentional human bias or sandbagging. PrecisionView, plus the right experience, can help change that.

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Make algorithmic forecasting a reality using PrecisionView™

Traditional forecasting methods can be excessively manual and prone to human bias. PrecisionView™—Deloitte Consulting LLP’s financial forecasting solution with integrated process and modeling capabilities—can help change that. With PrecisionView, finance leaders can leverage data science and pre-built algorithms to create deeper insights and better predictive models into their total enterprise, business units, geographies, and products.

Solution features

PrecisionView™ increases FP&A capability, capacity, and collaboration with these key value drivers:

  • Expanded capability. Improved business and investment decision-making powered by scenario analysis.
  • Increased capacity. Identification of influential business drivers and modeling key business levers.
  • Enriched collaboration. Faster time-to-insight and ability to deliver financial insights and visuals.
  • Accelerated credibility. Improved guidance to maintain or re-establish investor confidence.
Deloitte screenshot of PrecisionView
Deloitte screenshot of PrecisionView
Deloitte Powerpoint screenshot