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StrategyAccelerator™ Solution

In an age when up to 90% of strategic implementations fail, StrategyAccelerator™, powered by Anaplan, enables collaboration, transparency, and accountability in your transformation office, driving the success of key initiatives across the enterprise. StrategyAccelerator™ was designed and built through application of Deloitte’s leading practices in program and strategic transformation project management.

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StrategyAccelerator™ makes strategy happen

Executing on a transformation vision includes translating choices into actionable initiatives, implementing, monitoring over time, and adapting based on internal and external shifts. StrategyAccelerator™ makes strategy happen by enabling the key activities in the strategy lifecycle.

StrategyAccelerator™ was designed and built by Deloitte’s strategy practice, leveraging Deloitte’s proprietary strategy methodologies. The tool is built onto the Anaplan’s cloud-based Connected Planning platform to support Deloitte and client teams from strategy formulation through successful execution.

Deloitte offers critical consulting services along with support for StrategyAccelerator™ from a dedicated customer success team, to enable successful delivery of your strategic transformation.

StrategyAccelerator™ can help you gain:

  • Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time, on the cloud.
  • Transparency: Communicate clearly and instantly across all levels.
  • Accountability: Hold team members accountable to progress and goals.

Solution features

  • Formulate: Develop the transformation vision, define priorities, make integrated set of choices.
  • Translate: Convert the transformation plan into actionable initiatives.
  • Monitor and adapt: Use comprehensive metrics to continuously assess the strategy and identify necessary adjustments.
  • Implement and operate: Engage and deploy resources, establish new management systems, and implement strategic initiatives.
Deloitte app for Program set-up and planning
Deloitte app for Initiative set-up and planning
Deloitte app for Milestone roadmap