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A planning & forecasting model designed for upstream O&G

Deloitte’s Upstream Oil & Gas Model is a planning model that breaks down geographic and functional barriers that prohibit the sharing of information in the planning and forecasting process for upstream oil and gas companies. The model centralizes inputs from many processes throughout the organization, from production forecasting to commodity pricing and forecasting, tax, Rig Scheduling, AFE, and many more.

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An alternative to yesterday’s spreadsheet-driven planning

Deloitte’s Upstream Oil and Gas Model is powered by the cloud-based platform Anaplan for fast implementation and rapid scaling across your company’s planning functions. Embedded in it are many industry leading practices that help increase integrated planning, budgeting, and forecasting; provide industry standard reporting; and interactive dashboarding.

The model uses a bottoms-up approach, where production forecasts and expenses are forecasted at the well level using local market assumptions from local commodity prices to local casing costs. Forecasts can be compared to actual data and can be analyzed across markets, fields, projects, or offshore blocks. The model also includes scenario analysis functionality, where model assumptions can be adjusted to evaluate forecasts.

Solution features

Upstream O&G Model Components:

  • Functional Integration across the organization, bringing planning and budgeting all under one roof.
  • System Integration with various back-end systems (finance, accounting, pricing, production/engineering, etc.)
  • Real-Time Interaction with data by viewing updates when activities are handed between people or systems
  • Flexible Editing allows users to update and change key data fields without IT intervention
  • Instant Summary Reporting provides instant availability of roll-ups and summaries across the enterprise