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Build resilient supply chain operations with an end-to-end visibility and planning to mitigate disruption and risks with alternate strategies in real-time.

Build resilient supply chain operations with ITC Infotech’s Intelligent Planning for Resilience solution, powered by Anaplan, which empowers supply chain and procurement leaders with an end-to-end real-time visibility and planning for supply chain so that they can mitigate disruption risks with alternate strategy in real-time.

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Sense fast, simulate fast, rewire fast

Using intelligent planning, you can build a supply chain that is resilient to a variety of geopolitical, climatic, biological, economic, and technological disruptions.

By connecting to internal and external risk data, you can identify potential crises at an early stage. Rapid simulation will help to assess the potential impact across every tier of the supply chain. Finally, the entire supply chain can be reconfigured to the best possible alternative to ensure business continuity.

Solution features

The solution has comprehensive features to help you manage disruptions, minimize value-at-risk, and improve time-to-recovery

  • Monitor supplier performance through exception alerts against leading indicators.
  • Interactive risk dashboards to track external disruptive events and identify potential risks at an early stage.
  • Model risks and disruptive events of varying reach and scale, and configure impact on key supply chain parameters.
  • Create multiple scenarios and simulate impact propagation from any risk source across the supply network.
  • Formulate optimum response to each disruption scenario using the Anaplan Optimizer and rapidly reconfigure the supply chain.
  • Perform supply chain network stress testing at supplier and tier level.
  • Quantify the financial impact of disruptions to understand risk-adjusted impact on lost sales, COGS, and working capital.
  • Enable value chain risk simulation by connecting to demand planning, supply planning, capacity planning, and S&OP models.