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IPE integrates CPG trade planning with retail execution resulting in hyper-localized, outlet-level, and near real-time insights and optimized trade ROI.

Our IPE solution enables trade planners to dynamically translate CPG trade/commercial plans to operational plans and enables sales reps to execute them in near real-time.

The solution accelerates value realization with:

– Fully connected trade/commercial revenue planning and execution framework.

– Near-real time execution insights to augment decision-making.

– Multi-cloud integration with strategic partnerships.

The solution empowers sales reps at every point through insights on assortments, media mix, and promotion effectiveness.

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Plan, execute, optimize

Intelligent planning and execution integrates two multicloud platforms of intelligence, such as Anaplan for planning, and an execution platform for retail execution, such as SF CPG Cloud, to provide one integrated solution that helps a trade planner monitor both the execution of the plan and also its efficacy in almost real-time, thereby giving the flexibility to further tweak and optimize the plan with minimum lag, ensuring minimum transmission loss and maximum ROI. Our solution can work with any existing retail execution platform hence, can be either a greenfield or a brownfield implementation.

Solution features

The solution has the capability to integrate Anaplan as the planning platform with any retail execution solution.

  • Integrates commercial/trade planning with any retail execution platform to eliminate transmission loss.
  • Monitor execution of trade plan in near real-time and take corrective measures.
  • Easily come up with distribution plans for new products based on past performance.
  • Forecast accurately based on feedback received.
  • Get actionable insights on distribution, stocks, and outlet potential.
  • Quickly adapt every aspect of the trade planning and execution to local nuances to stay continuously relevant.
  • Insight into pockets of opportunities to grow in the market and establish an aligned  macro-plan to exploit those avenues.
  • Optimize retail investment through targeted trade fuel allocation.
  • Create a sustainable win-win commercial relationship with trade partners through price, promotions, and optimal investment.