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ITC Infotech is helping CHROs and CFOs improve workforce productivity, optimize manpower costs, and prepare the future-ready workforce.

It is a constant challenge to keep your business well-staffed and ready to greet customers while keeping a check on payroll expenses. Our solution will help you move from a basic headcount-driven budgeting methodology to an intelligent, analytics-driven workforce planning approach. Improve employee productivity, optimize rosters, drive efficiencies, and rationalize costs with the power of modern planning and analytics at your fingertips.

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A smarter way to plan for a future-ready workforce

Our Intelligent Workforce Planning Solution powered by Anaplan aligns Workforce, Operational, and Financial Plans, and enables real-time and dynamic forecasting and collaboration among HR, Finance, and other teams for workforce requirement and capacity planning. It improves the headcount forecast accuracy, enables effective resource utilization, optimizes costs and schedules, and reduces attrition with efficient skill management.

What’s in it for you:

— Improve utilization of resources by up to 10 percentage points.

— Optimize costs with 4–12% savings in resource expenditure.

— Improve workforce planning productivity by up to 50%.

— Improve forecasting accuracy by up to 20 percentage points.

Solution features

  • Comprehensive features help you improve manpower forecasting and workforce productivity, optimizing costs.
  • Accurate driver-based forecasting of resource requirements and skill gaps at any level across the organization.
  • Connects financial HC projections with HR talent and business plans to align demand and supply of workforce.
  • Identifies opportunities to use internal workforce instead of hiring through skill matching, transfers, and succession.
  • Predicts attrition, identifies risk areas, and analyzes the impact on the business using analytics.
  • Encourages resilience in the face of uncertainty with swift re-planning, rescheduling, and rapid scenario planning.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with local laws concerning working hours, overtime, gender diversity, nationality, etc.
  • Optimizes scheduling aligned to operational plans, shift timings, holidays, absences, employee preferences, and regulations.
  • Enables just-in-time resourcing to meet unexpected surge.
  • Integrates HRIS, HCM, CRM, and ERP data into a Central Data Hub for planning.