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The next generation of global performance management

The Keyrus Group (Keyrus) is a global leader in data intelligence, digital consulting, and business transformation. In Q1 2020, Impetus Consulting Group (Impetus) joined Keyrus, and in January 2021, Impetus transitioned to the Keyrus brand to synchronize our ability to offer innovative, integrated solutions for our clients.

Keyrus partners with Anaplan to deliver Connected Planning solutions for our clients. We start the enablement and collaboration process early on and are invested in the long-term sustainability of the product of our collaboration and client achievement. As a key player in consulting and technologies, Keyrus enables organizations to successfully turn the new data-digital paradigm into opportunities by accompanying their digital transformation and leveraging their data assets.

We start each project by discussing business processes, technology, pain-points, and goals. We help our clients visualize what’s possible and together implement a comprehensive and sustainable solution encompassing process, methodology, and technology. Our team of consultants addresses challenges with realistic options. We are honest about what can and cannot be achieved. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients are enabled with the resources to continue to enhance and build upon their Anaplan solution. Together, we’re making Connected Planning a reality.

Impetus has been working with Anaplan since 2014, an Anaplan Gold Partner since 2018, and together with Keyrus, an Anaplan Global Partner since 2020. Our team has Certified Model Builders, Solution Architects, and Master Anaplanners around the world. We have led Anaplan engagements across multiple use cases for over 100 unique clients. Keyrus is committed to focusing on the Anaplan platform and considers itself a strategic and tactical end-to-end partner.

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