Commodity Procurement Operations Planning

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Supplier globalization and supply chain impacting events such as tariffs and COVID are placing increased pressures on Finance and Procurement teams to better plan and govern Commodity Procurement.

Companies must take full view of their commodity purchases and forecasts across all suppliers, in order to efficiently run operations in times of crisis and ensure company profitability.

Use the Commodity Procurement Operations Planning capability in Anaplan, to track purchases by material, product, supplier and category, with a focus on optimizing vendor allocations and spend across the company.

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Integrated Planning for Commodity Procurement Operations

Leverage the combined power of technology and people to align global stakeholders by providing a centralized view of goods and services spend in one connected cloud based platform.

Using Anaplan’s Connected Planning environment enables Finance and Procurement teams to centrally manage commodities and suppliers with a focus on driving savings insights for global operations.

The Commodity Procurement Operations Planning allows to:

  • Import demand data from multiple sources (ERPs and spreadsheets) to create a unified Procurement Plan across the company, regardless of Supplier or Geography
  • Categorize Supplier materials and spend into logical groupings that allow Stakeholders in to understand how Opex and Capex is being spent
  • Provide Benchmarks for FX and Currency inflation to better plan and predict P&L impacts
  • View and manage vendor allocations to prioritize awarding business based on contractual commitments, supplier performance and service levels.

Solution features

Key features for cloud based Procurement Planning include:

  • Track commodity purchasing activity across departments, geographies, categories and suppliers
  • Align purchase and spend forecasts to Financial Plans
  • Conduct real-time, scenario-based business and resource reviews
  • Get detailed insights into Spend & FX Exposure
  • Optimize vendor allocations based on price, capacity, lead times and quality factors
  • Review spend per products or departments and compare this to other company wide vendor utilization
  • Predict material allocations and spend across products to help track plan vs. actual for Opex and Capex
  • Review supplier performance for on time delivery and other common service level agreements
  • Identify discrepancies in purchases to contracted values (purchase price variance)
  • Evaluate the impact of potential changes in vendor allocations or prices for negotiation planning
Sonum FX Exposure chart for FY22 in Anaplan
Chart showing ratings per supplier-factory