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ESG Planning & Reporting Short Video

Recent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) momentum and the growing interest in ESG compliance worldwide are evidence of the importance of ESG metrics and reporting. With increasing regulatory scrutiny and pressure from investors, employees, and customers, sustainability reporting poses challenges for companies globally. Our end-to-end Connected Planning solution empowers organizations to tackle new regulatory requirements and make a positive impact in the world. Using financial planning concepts and data to drive positive change, our solution increases transparency, mitigates risks, and promotes company growth and profitability.

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Plan for a sustainable future using Anaplan and #MakeDataMatter

Leverage the power of the Anaplan platform’s Connected Planning capabilities and Workiva’s automated reporting functionalities to contribute to business and society in a way that promotes innovation and sustainability.

Solution features

An end-to-end solution that streamlines ESG goals and drives your organization’s strategic and financial performance

  • Centralize all data for a single source of truth across your organization
  • Dynamically track metrics of ESG goals for historical and future years using real-time data within a selected ESG framework
  • Flex unique scenarios with “what-if” scenario planning to analyze the financial implications and guide decision-making
  • Explore recommended paths forward using the optimization solution powered by an advanced algorithm-based engine
  • Plan at the level of detail required by your organization’s shareholders and employees
  • Create connections and schedule ESG data extracts from Anaplan to Workiva for dynamic and synchronized planning and reporting
  • Seamlessly communicate with users across your team directly in your reports throughout the planning and review processes