Connected Pharma Commercial Planning: Gross-to-Net (GTN) Channel Forecasting

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Doubling over the past seven years, gross-to-net adjustments are squeezing profit margins as distance grows between list prices for drugs and their net prices after rebates and other reductions. Being able to understand, explain, and accurately forecast these adjustments—especially rebates paid to third-party payers like insurance companies and Medicaid, among others—is critical to the finance function of commercial pharmaceutical organizations. Anaplan is a highly configurable business planning and modeling platform being used across the industry for GTN management. Get started today, with Keyrus’ accelerator solution.

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Predictability and profitability through Connected Planning

We can work with you to translate your process, methodologies, and institutional knowledge into flexible, real-time, connected Anaplan models that can scale and grow with your organization through product launches, acquisitions, and loss of product exclusivity.

Together we can make the gross-to-net function more-agile, more-automated, and more-transparent, giving you back time in your day and lowering stress levels, while improving accuracy.

Solution features

Move your GTN process out of spreadsheets and into a best-in-class solution that can scale and flex with your business.

  • Demand forecasting incorporating impact of market events to forecast in-market volumes, model pricing changes by brand & SKU.
  • Pre-/post-deal analytics with the ability to forecast and measure contract performance.
  • Contracting with the ability to capture complex rebate assumptions.
  • Capture assumptions about volume shifts from non-preferred to preferred.
  • Calculate best price, layer in price protection assumptions.
  • Forecast channel mix and rebates by channel across Commercial, Part D, Medicaid.
  • Quickly make changes to methodologies for forecasting gross-to-net.
  • Rapidly adjust GTN forecast as a result of changes in strategy, policy, or market landscape.
  • Perform “what-if” scenario planning across all business areas, plus take snapshots and variance analysis.
  • Integrate any data source that contributesto gross-to-net revenue forecasting and accounting.
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