MeltOne Advisory

Strength of a large consulting firm, agility of a startup

Make complexity become simplicity to face all challenges

The technological revolution today offers so many possibilities that above all the major stake for companies is to manage this complexity.

  • How to manage a fast-changing world where everything is mixed up at high speed (human skills, digital levels, …) ?
  • How to exploit the breadth of DATA when it seems infinite?
  • How to take decisions in an uncertain world?
  • How to anticipate an event whose occurrence is almost unpredictable?
  • How to value people in a completely digital world?

Faced with these questions, MeltOne supports its clients so that this complexity becomes simplicity and thus anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

In our daily practice as an integrator we bring together :

  • Old and new information systems, offering innovative solutions to converge technologies.
  • Development and performance, by freeing employees from the most alienating tasks through robotization… to refocus on tasks of analysis and reflection.
  • Seniors and juniors, through our intergenerational vision of management which brings together the experience of seniors and the agility of juniors, but also through the training to enhance the digital skills.
  • Past and future, by giving employees back the keys to cope with acceleration and regain control of time. Departments no longer want to be simple collectors or controllers of information but real predictive analysis centers capable of quickly simulating and analyzing hypotheses to anticipate and make the right decisions.

Our originality?

Combine the strength of a large firm (commitment to results, broad spectrum of expertise, methodology) with the agility of a startup (innovation, agility, customer connection).

Our operational fields?

We integrate innovative solutions across a broad functional spectrum (finance, controlling, supply chain, marketing, etc.) in sectors as varied as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate and Industry.

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