Anaplan for Sales & Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect revenue strategy with sales execution

Drive performance by building a connected revenue strategy

CRMs are crucial for go-to-market execution in any organization, helping track opportunities and accelerate revenue-generating activities. Sales reps can log their interactions and leadership can keep apprised of the pipeline. But to ensure the team is meeting corporate objectives, sales and operations must develop an overarching revenue strategy to guide go-to-market efforts.

Creating and executing these plans is a challenge for many reasons. Company goals often shift throughout the year, and markets are ever-changing. Ensuring that revenue strategies are effective requires a comprehensive view of sales performance drivers and insights from across the enterprise and the broader market.

Microsoft has partnered with Anaplan to help companies maximize their investment in Dynamics 365 by building a revenue plan that seamlessly integrates sales strategy with execution. Anaplan for Sales solutions span account segmentation, territories, quotas, sales capacity, incentive programs, and more. Leverage powerful capabilities such as:

  • Scenario modeling and forecasting
  • Predictive intelligence and market insights
  • Real-time collaboration across the enterprise
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis

Get up and running quickly with Anaplan’s pre-built integration package for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which includes:

  • Pre-built Data Hub connector and integration
  • Starter Model to connect data, hierarchy, roll-up
  • Service Wrapper to deploy use cases by end-users for faster time to value

Together, Anaplan and Microsoft provide a solution that improves go-to-market agility, increases alignment, and drives revenue growth.

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