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Nell'Cash, a cash-flow reporting and forecasting solution

Nell’Cash is a 100% cloud-based, turnkey, comprehensive prebuilt cash-flow analysis and forecasting solution:

– A secure solution.

– Deployed in the cloud and available immediately.

– Customizable according to your context and your needs.

– Integrated into your working environment (Excel, operating forecast applications).

– Project accelerators, reducing implementation and deployment costs.

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Cash-flow reporting and forecasting challenges

Cash-flow reporting and forecasting allow the enterprise’s cash performance to be managed, with the goal of better understanding business cycles, anticipating risks, guiding operational investment choices, contributing to strategic thinking (FUSACQ), and supporting crisis decision-making.

Cash-flow reporting and forecasting, your challenges:

– Measuring the cash available, optimizing the WCR and cash generation.

– Anticipating short-term and long-term cash requirements.

– Securing cash inflows and outflows.

– Modelling cash-flow forecasts using the direct or indirect method.

– Enhancing the reliability of the information systems associated with cash-flow forecasting.

– Introducing adapted reporting processes, specific to cash-flow forecasting.

Solution features

  • Draw up your provisional actual or forecast CFS (cash-flow statement) over a rolling 12-month period.
  • Opt, on operating flows, for the indirect and/or direct method.
  • Calculate the monthly net cash position.
  • Explain its variations.
  • Dialogue with your treasurer on common bases.