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Nell'HR, a HR performance management solution

Nell’HR is a 100% cloud-based, ready-to-use solution for monitoring, forecasting, and simulating payroll. It is:

  • A secure and centralized solution
  • Deployed in the cloud and available immediately
  • Customizable according to your context and your needs
  • Integrated into your working environment (multi-sourcing)
  • Project accelerator, reducing implementation and deployment costs
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Payroll and HT performance management challenges

Payroll, which, in some sectors, represents up to 80% of expenses, is an essential lever for improving company performance.
In order to translate the company’s strategy into a business plan and then into operational resources, the Finance department needs a precise vision of payroll management associated to the flow of people, and in particular:

  • Employee management (recruitment needs, mobility, job changes and departures, etc.)
  • Valuation and simulation of the payroll based on FTEs (fixed and variable compensation: general increase per entity and individual increase, transportation allowances, absenteeism rate, seasonality of commissions per entity, fixed-term bonus, etc.)
  • Calculation of other payroll and personnel cost items (social security charges, employers’ contributions, taxes, profit-sharing, etc.)

Nell’RH is a ready-to-use solution for monitoring, forecasting and simulating payroll, which enables Human Resources and Finance to be aligned on a common language, tool and process.

Solution features

  • IS integration (structures and data upload: employee base, accounting data for personnel costs, etc.)
  • Employee management (recruitment plan, mobility, job changes, etc.)
  • Valuation and simulation of the payroll based on FTEs
  • Calculation of payroll items from rates (social charges, tax, etc.)
  • Declarative entry of other Personnel Expense items (external employee cost, etc.)
  • Collaboration (workflow, versioning, comments, sending pre-configured notifications, etc.)
  • Security management
  • Reporting (workforce, absenteeism monitoring, monthly personnel costs, comparison of actual and forecasted scenarios, etc.)