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Achieve ESG KPIs with Deloitte's Sustainability Performance Management Suite

How is your organization aligning its business planning capabilities with current & future sustainability goals? With a changing global landscape of regulatory requirements, industry regulations and consumer demands, future-ready organizations are supporting their sustainability transformation strategies with agile, robust technology.

Deloitte’s Sustainability Performance Management Suite enables decision-making fully aligned with sustainability principles, enabling organizations to predict, plan and act on ESG targets and optimize sustainability goals and KPIs throughout your planning processes.

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Connected Planning to Align Decisions & Data with Sustainability Goals & KPIs

Organizations are challenged on multiple fronts: to be proactive in assessing their capabilities to meet ESG targets, agile in reacting to market drivers and planning their responses, and diligent in meeting a myriad of reporting requirements. They need solutions to define priorities and targets against the different ESG dimensions. They need to be transparent by reporting on the performance against their targets, develop a plan to allow each function across their organization to contribute to the sustainability transformation, and set up structural measures by incorporating ESG KPIs into day-to-day decision making.

Deloitte’s solutions for Sustainability Performance Management enable organizations to plan, manage and track key sustainability initiatives and KPIs, as well as supporting industry or regional ESG reporting requirements. Business leaders are able to manage strategic KPIs and gain cross-organizational insights to assess their impact on business operations, Users can track program outcomes and drill down into business-specific data – all in a single platform with full integration of your data with your internal reporting as well as regulatory reporting under CSRD to the ESRS level of granularity.

Solution features

Sustainability Performance Management Suite

  • Business Services Sustainability Planning for organization-wide ESG planning and reporting
  • Sustainable Manufacturing solution to manage strategic KPIs and regulatory reporting requirements
  • EU Taxonomy solution to monitor KPIs, take initiatives to improve them and achieve your targets
  • GI3 Government Incentives Planning unlocks value by streamlining eligibility assessment of planned investments
  • Sustainable Finance for climate scenario analysis, calculation of Green Asset Ratio and more
  • Green Balance Sheet allows business units and management to communicate and align their ESG targets & objectives