Peloton Consulting Group is a leading consultancywith the vision and connectedcapabilities to help business leaders envision, implement and realize the benefits of digital transformation. We areproud that 100% of our clients retain our services after their first phase of work, implementing additional use cases in Anaplan.

What makes Peloton different?

Peloton fosters collaboration. We listen and seek to understand ourclients’business strategy, objectives and culture to ensure we work as one team. We balance innovation with practicality,andprovide the right combination of industry expertise, business acumen and technical know-how. Our collaborative environment lets us tap into the industry-specific knowledge of our executives whilstleveraging the functional expertise of our team members.

Client success stories

We partner with clients to design strategies, implement solutions, and enable digital transformation.

Situation: $20 billion leading steel manufacturerneededconnected business processes to be able to forecast and visualize.

Impact We used operational financial reporting and metrics ‘tell the story’ of the long-range plan with scenario planning for all major financial statements based on key business drivers.

Situation: $52 billion global pharma companyleverages Anaplanto standardize its enterprise-wide processes and increase accuracy.

Impact We filled the project planning capability gap and provided purchase order forecasting logic, connected siloed business processes and increased the company’s clinical trial forecasting accuracy.

Situation: $1 billion universityneeded a scalable solution to support its forecasting, workforce planning and enrollment demand planning amidst massive growth.

Impact Together Peloton and Anaplan enabled data transparency to optimally forecast student enrolment, reduced the enrolment forecasting cycle time by 75% and enabled better operational and financing decisions through the provision of real-time ‘what if’ analysis.

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