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The exhaustive Project Planning solution of Polestar

Polestar has designed a Project Planning Solution which caters to and expedites complex project planning process from start to finish.

The Solution has the ability and flexibility to make real time adjustments to the flows and drivers like Project Scope, Project Milestones, Project Metrics & KPIs, Resources, Budget, Time frame etc .This helps in expediting the decision-making process by leveraging the power of project analytics and visualization to see real time impacts of drivers and conditions change.

This solution can serve as a full-fledged answer to all the Project Planning & Budgeting questions floating in the Corporate world.

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Get the most out of your Project Planning and boost the Productivity

Most of the organizations have been managing their Project Planning & Monitoring using conventional tools like a custom software or MS Excel. Their current system has two flaws. First, they are not flexible and agile enough to support structural changes with shorter turn around time. Second, they do not currently have a singular platform to plan their projects, resources and compare them with actual utilization through different functions and departments.

Polestar’s Project Planning and Budgeting is a 360 degree integrated, flexible and exhaustive solution for Project Planning. Implemented through agile practices, it allows to react, re-plan and readjust faster as par the business requirements.

This Solution offers an easy to work,cost effective and scalable means to drive business growth, increase resource productivity, subside Project Cost utilization and ensure Project time-line is always within your manageable ambit.

Managing and running the project is now simpler with Polestar’s customizable Project Planning and Budgeting solution. The Project Managers can now make faster, more informed decisions regarding the area of focus and invest in the right sets of resources to streamline on-time project planning and execution of Business Goals.

Solution features

  • Empower Informed decision making in Project Planning for Businesses to achieve goals
  • Actionable reports on Project , Resource and Cost for Senior Management to have informed decision making as per Business Goal
  • Project Analytics to get insights of resource mix and utilization for all the Projects with actionable KPIs to target
  • Employee Portal serving the needs of resource management as one stop platform for HR, Employee, Management and Project teams
  • Allocate resources based on customizable Resource Optimizer to achieve optimized cost targets
  • Time-sheet filling and approval: Gives the flexibility of filling the project and non project hours on the daily basis
  • Ability to create customizable Project ID and allocate project and budget credentials
  • Provides authority and flexibility to the Project Manager where he/she can approve or reject projects
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