Reportwise Consulting

REPORTWISE Consulting is a leading consultancy firm specializing in Performance Management for Finance (Consolidation, Management Reporting, Strategic and Financial planning) and Operations (Sales, HR).

We provide a global response in the implementation and use of information systems. Our requirement contributes to a better control of your performances thanks to:

  • The quality of our services and our level of expertise recognized on the market
  • The experience, skills and professionalism of our consultants
  • Our perfect knowledge of financial information systems and their technological environment

We guarantee the consistency of the solutions implemented thanks to a single interlocutor who oversees all aspects of your project. His knowledge of all the components of the information system (management reporting, consolidation, budgeting and simulation, business intelligence, links with ERP) will help customers to:

  • Make the most of the implemented solutions and their interactions
  • Better share and control the data managed within your group

Our partnership story

Anaplan partner since 2013, REPORTWISE Consulting and our 70+ consultants have partnered with more than 150 organizations to deliver best-in-class solutions. The flexibility of Anaplan allows a cost-effective customization of the solution to perfectly match specific requirements.