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Sales Performance Management Details

Business leaders regularly face efficiency challenges when administering both small and large-scale incentive compensation programs across their organizations.

Leveraging Anaplan’s Connected Planning environment enables Finance and HR teams to centrally manage territory and quota planning, keep up with unique incentive compensation plans, and commission payments to employees while providing employees and management with real-time, data-driven insights into their daily performance.

Simplify and streamline your incentive compensation program

The Sales Performance Management Model enables an organization to effectively perform the full spectrum of territory and quota planning. Once in place, management can create flexible incentive compensation programs, view and track daily sales performance, automate commission calculations, manage commission approvals, and process payments with payroll. As a result, field sales executives can track their performance to plans, quickly identify areas for improvement, and have real-time insight into their expected commission earnings and bonus attainment metrics. There is also “what-if” modeling capability allowing both management and sales executives to visualize outcomes if conditions were to change.

The Anaplan platform eliminates the iterative and manual processes from offline workbooks saving time and effort, providing real-time insights and analytics to the field, and strengthening the link between sales planning and execution with the sales force.

Solution features

Targeted business outcomes:

  • Streamlined territory and quota planning with executive-level approvals.
  • Dynamic, real-time sales data and analytics across employees, customers, regions, and products.
  • Actual sales can be compared to targeted sales at any dimension of the business, allowing for more targeted plan adjustments.
  • Standardization of underlying assumptions used by the business (product weightings, growth rates, banded bonus percentages).
  • Daily performance insights for both management and sales executives.
  • Workflow tracking allows HR to process payments through payroll once approved by management.
  • Enhanced security of sensitive HR and payroll data through Anaplan’s multiple layers of model security.
Daily sales analysis
Commission details
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