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Connected Planning for Cloud Spend

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Enable Finance and Engineering leadership to have insight and effectively manage their cloud spend investment as infrastructure costs continue to grow.

Executives are laser focused on strategy and innovation. Their focus is on launching new products and features that will solve their customer’s most complex problems while having a forward-looking market lens to continue positioning and maintaining their competitive advantage. At the same time, they need to think through their cloud strategy to scale and support their product. To synthesize all of this requires collaboration across finance and product leadership to ensure that thought is put into the ongoing operational processes and dynamic business problems at play.

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Monitor, manage, and optimize cloud spend while preventing leaking profits

Doubling down on process and tool improvements for spend forecasting, resource allocation, and capacity planning are critical priorities for management to address. To begin gaining comfort with current and future spending practices, it is important for management to define and execute a cloud spend solution.

Solution features

  • Improve spend visibility
  • Establish effective forecasting
  • Automate capacity planning