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TCS Vaccine Connected Planning, envisioning COVID free world

With a vision of achieving COVID free world TCS Vaccine Connected Planning solution aims to help the global organizations in immunizing their population. It helps organizations to effectively plan & execute the vaccination program leveraging the power of connected planning on Anaplan platform. This pre-configured solution would help in ensuring effective utilization of all the resources, efficiently & effectively managing expenses, supply-chain, optimizing inventories, scenario-based strategic planning for the drive etc.

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TCS Vaccine Connected Planning

Leveraging the power of Anaplan’s connected planning platform, TCS aims to help the government authorities, educational institutes, large enterprises, vaccine providers and other organizations like staffing companies in providing end to end visibility for vaccination program by mitigating the risk of future to ensure every citizen is vaccinated and can lead towards healthy future for mankind. With TCS deep industry, business & technology knowledge they orchestrated this suite of pre-build cloud solutions to enable the organizations to accurately plan this entire drive efficiently and effectively.

This solution helps organizations achieve:

  1. Optimizes cost up to 35%
  2. Decreases turnaround time up to 50%
  3. 2-4x faster decision making
  4. 3x faster time to market
  5. Rapidly readjust to changes
  6. 360-degree insights on the go

Solution features

Enabling accurate planning by connecting people, process and data for healthy world

  • Strategic planning of the vaccination program
  • Dynamically plan for supply-demand of vaccines & ancillary supplies
  • Planning for effective utilization of manpower
  • Effective allocation of resources (vaccines, manpower, budget)
  • Planning and effectively managing expenses
  • Real time insights
  • Rapidly readjust plans as per the changing conditions
  • Optimizing the inventories
TCS Vaccine dashboard
TCS Vaccine dashboard
TCS Vaccine dashboard