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Learn how GTN modeling is a differentiator for pharma companies

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can use a consistent process across business functions and centralized, real-time data in a connected Anaplan model to more accurately forecast utilization and discounting by market segment, starting at the contract level. By integrating gross-to-net management, manufacturers can quantitatively assess the amount of discounts flowing through each contract component and market segment, ultimately improving their ability to predict net revenue in future periods. This further enables improved accuracy of accruals and better-informed reserves, with potentially immediate impact on the bottom line.

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How do pharmaceutical manufacturers forecast net revenue?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers find it difficult to forecast their net revenue because product pricing adjustments (discounts) to their gross revenue are highly complex, vary greatly across market segments and customers, and contain high-data volumes to process. This difficulty in ability to forecast net sales directly impacts accrual management and product reserve accuracy. Moreover, due to the complexity and uniqueness of pricing adjustments, traditional spreadsheet-based approaches to forecasting lack scalability and are unable to incorporate interdependencies between market segments.

Solution features

Gross-to-net forecasting benefits from the tailor fit capabilities that Anaplan brings, solving for:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Native audit trail
  • Version management
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Flexibility and configurability
  • A streamlined and centralized system
  • High-data volumes across multiple market segments
  • No disruption to upstream/downstream activities
Twelve chart of View forecasted units by contract and override as needed.
Twelve chart of Discount summary by channel
Twelve chart of Scenario A and Scenario B