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Anaplan helps Procurement buyers automate the process of analyzing historical data + current plans + market indexes = to create future forecasts that better predict market and supplier pricing. The credibility of the organization often lies in Procurement’s ability to responsibly articulate potential changes to cost with objective data. In response to this market need, Anaplan and Twelve CG created a new Procurement Pricing Analysis model. This use case helps showcase how Procurement can leverage Anaplan to analyze and forecast changes to pricing across companies, business lines, products, suppliers and geographies.

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Why Anaplan for Sourcing and Procurement?

Traditional ERP / P2P tools are NOT well suited for coordinating and tracking pricing activities across multiple suppliers being managed to an overall schedule, where specific goods and services must arrive in the correct sequence. Customers often rely on spreadsheets to supplement activity and pricing master lists. Companies must take full view of real-time Supplier Pricing data, to sustain operations in times of crisis and ensure company profitability. Companies will need to unify supplier pricing data across business lines and geographies to identify opportunities for savings. Leveraging Anaplan’s Connected Planning environment enables Procurement teams to centrally manage supplier pricing and related information in consolidated dashboards that can be customized to meet the needs of global operations.

Solution features

  • Improved visibility and tracking of supplier spend and pricing
  • Expedited pricing and capacity updates from suppliers
  • Increased accountability for teams to deliver on commitments
  • Reporting for budget performance to help drive future improvements
  • Robust processes and communication strengthens cross-functional relationships
  • Suppliers empowered to provide cost and delivery data
  • Reduce short and long-term costs
  • Align demand and supply forecasts
  • Automate procurement transactions
  • Maximize buying power by pooling supplier demand
Twelve Consulting chart of Procurement Sensitivity
Twelve Consulting chart on Pricing Analysis
Twelve consulting chart on Demand vs Supply