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Anaplan connected planning is a very agile technology to create next gen planning capabilities and meet advanced business requirements of fashion retailers and luxury brands.

Accurately sense the demand & determine optimal stock targets at store/region/warehouse levels.

VISEO’s app for Demand Planning help Fashion Brands & Retailers foster best practices & replace spreadsheets with faster and collaborative solutions:

  • Accurately sense market dynamics, trends & seasonality
  • Leverage statistical algorithms & machine learning to automate sales forecasts
  • Calculate optimized stock positions considering lead times, stock policies and all other product, region or customer constraints
  • Support supply chains teams with optimal replenishment strategies & decisions
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Accurately sense the demand & determine optimal stock targets

End-to-End Solutions for Fashion Retail, all powered by Anaplan

With a proven expertise and over 20 years working along the side of fashion retailers and luxury brands, VISEO is offering next gen planning capabilities to optimize every aspect of the planning process, from financial ambitions for next years to in-season tactical optimizations at store & customer levels.

We have designed our Demand Planning app for Fashion to help you:

  • Generate accurate sales forecasts, sizing the stock at the right level (neither insufficient stock or overstocks), minimizing markdowns & maintaining revenues and margins
  • Estimate & analyze the demand for new collections on the sales history of similar items
  • Decide how much to reorder and when

Solution features

  • Automated forecast algorithms (best fit) using Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE) at any level
  • Tracking a updating demand curves & profiles against actual sales from the first week’s sales
  • Promotion planning: cleansing historical periods and modeling lift impacts for new promotions
  • Reconciliation of various forecasting processes across the organization (supply chain, merchandising, marketing and finance)
  • Leveraging machine learning & AI to identify patterns & predict future demand
  • Calculation of stock positions at any logistics point
  • Automated proposals for multi-echelon replenishment (from supplier to DC to regional DC to stores)