Voiant Group

Specialized at Accelerating Sales Performance Management

Maximize Performance and Increase Sales

Voiant optimizes organizational effectiveness by helping enterprises identify improvement opportunities through connected planning, operations, and insights that are all worth knowing. Our management consultants are known for a needs-driven client approach to revealing knowledge and driving value. We ask the right business questions, identify solutions to the largest problems, leverage best practices, and utilize leading technologies to improve the performance of enterprises on an international scale.

At the core of our professional services and technology-enabled solutions, we provide connected sales planning, smarter sales operations, and optimized sales performance. We continually expand our capabilities to solve critical challenges across entire organizations, from sales management to operations and finance.

We see a future where our team plays a continued strategic role in our client’s success, working seamlessly across people and systems, armed with robust intelligence for driving better business results.

Voiant is an award winning Anaplan Silver partner. We work with leading companies and Anaplan to take a better path forward, solving critical challenges in sales performance management, operations, and financial planning. Get to know our team, talk to our experts, learn about our client’s successes, and figure out how we can help create your success story.

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