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Vuealta Demand Planning

Vuealta Demand Planning is a collaborative solution for the management of events, from the planned to the unexpected. Vuealta makes it easy to model and manage every type of event including NPD, opportunities, promotions, cannibalization and price changes with ease, while also enabling rapid response to unexpected demand shocks.

Powerful event management and scenario planning capabilities are augmented by fully integrated financials, metrics, advanced analytics, demand sensing and AIML. Gain insights, model outcomes, collaborate seamlessly, and operate in real-time to drive empowered decision-making and true synchronization.

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Collaborative, event-based planning and scenario modelling. Powered by AI

Volatile markets demand robust planning that is collaborative, event-driven, intelligent and real-time. Collaborate seamlessly to manage planned events such as NPD, promotions, cannibalization and price changes and in real-time to respond to demand or supply shocks.

Harness the power of external data, advanced analytics, demand sensing and AI to gain insights. Have the right metrics and KPIs to achieve world-class performance and drive strategic, profitable decisions with fully integrated financials at the product, customer, category and channel level.

Vuealta Demand is an application designed to be highly configurable. Combining the application with Vuealta’s agile implementation methodology results in rapid time to value, with projects lasting weeks, not months.

Solution features

Powerful, best practice demand planning capabilities

  • NPD Planning and Opportunity Management
  • Seasonal Profile and Product Launch Curves
  • Promotions and Cannibalization
  • Top-down, bottom-up and outside-in planning
  • Demand, Commercial, Marketing, Consensus and One-Number Planning
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Demand Sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ABC-XYZ analysis and process segmentation
  • Best Fit Statistical Forecast and Causal Analysis
Vuealta chart showing Segment planning and identify the tail with ABC-XYZ analysis
Vuealta chart showing Powerful product chaining capabilities
Vuealta chart showing Manage customer promotions