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Financial planning during a crisis

FP&A planning is a crucial need for any organization, Wipro’s Financial Planning during Crisis tool offers easy-to-consume, cost effective, and a methodical solution-driven approach to address the following areas:

  • Revenue risk assessment based on the current situation.
  • Re-plan your capital expenditure.
  • Maintaining cash and liquidity for operations.
  • Leveraging the best of external stimuli.
  • Differentiate between essential and no-essential ops expenditures.
  • Financial reports and “what-if” modeling.
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What problem are we solving?

The FP&A Speed Planning Engine is designed and developed to support tactical and strategic planning requirements, perform robust scenario building and simulations, and to react to external configurable drivers for use case and macro economy. This provides a collaborative impact analysis for multiple CXO functions and management.

Solution features

Drive focus in FP&A planning to achieve better cash flows, including:

  • The ability to create strategic initiatives and add assumptions.
  • Top-down and bottom-up revenue planning.
  • Detailed opex planning (cost center summary, T&E, SG&A).
  • Business continuity and contingency planning.
  • Detailed workforce planning (workforce cost optimization, forecasting).
  • Income statements, balance sheets and related KPIs.
  • Capex planning and cost optimization.
  • Cross functional allocations.
  • CFO dashboards, integrated three-point estimates, “what-if” analysis.
  • Detailed cash flows, receivables and payables management.
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