Speed planning – supply chain planning during crisis

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Supply chain


Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Retail



Demand, supply, inventory planning along with KPIs and prescriptive analytics.

Wipro’s Supply Chain Planning for Disruptions tool offers an easy to consume, cost effective, and methodical solution-driven approach to address the following areas:

  • Inventory optimization.
  • Inventory disbursement options.
  • Consensus demand forecasts.
  • Renegotiation with suppliers.
  • Scenario building and supplier analysis.
  • Cost impact on FP&A.
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What problem are we solving?

Our supply chain speed planning engine is designed and developed to support tactical and strategic planning requirements, perform robust scenario building, and simulations. It is reactive to external configurable drivers for use cases and macro economies, providing a collaborative impact analysis for multiple CXO functions and management.

Solution features

Our SCM speed planning caters to demand disruptions, inventory change, their disbursement options, and supplier management

  • The model has inbuilt customized demand sensing to absorb the disruption in demand due to crisis.
  • The demand change can be drilled down to region and product levels to have detailed views for the area/product managers.
  • Demand management comes with a manual override function for marketing, finance, and sales teams to accept real-time feedback.
  • ABC-XYZ classification of inventory to understand the stock level and its rate of movement.
  • Inventory schedule and outward flow to stock-out visibility and ordering lead time.
  • Disbursement options for removing inventory along with its impact on cash flow.
  • Supplier management based on minimum order quantity, transit lead time, etc., and location/product segmentation.
  • Comparative supplier analysis for having integration and better negotiation with them.
  • “What-if” analysis with impact on inventory holding cost.
  • Impact on drivers, revenue and cost flow for best, worst, and most likely scenarios.
Wipro chart showing Crisis variability
Wipro chart showing Demand variability