Speed planning – Workforce Planning with Predictive Insights

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Speed Planning Workforce--BCP, classical workforce planning, predictive modeling

Wipro’s Workforce Planning for Business Continuity is a 360-degree integrated and Connected Planning framework leading to agile response, ability to react, and re-plan/re-adjust faster than ever before.

Wipro’s Workforce Planning for Business Continuity offers an easy to consume, cost effective, and methodical solution-driven approach to address:

  • Business continuity planning.
  • IT remote enablement planning.
  • Cross-skill planning and compensation modelling.
  • Compensation modelling.
  • Health and safety benefits planning.
  • Predictive attrition planning using ML.
  • Predictive workforce operations.
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What problem are we solving?

Whether your goals include driving growth, increasing employee productivity, enabling business to come, cash rich, continued, and sustained business operations, or reducing talent acquisition costs, Wipro’s Speed Planning for Workforce powered by Anaplan enables business leaders to design, model, and optimize strategic HR plans that can maximize investments and help businesses achieve revenue goals.

Powered by advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), real-time in-memory processing, and best-in-class machine learning technologies, Anaplan puts HR leaders in the driver’s seat, revealing those actionable insights that can give businesses a competitive advantage. Better understand global market opportunities and build more data-driven and effective HR plans with vital intelligence such as company growth trends, business partnerships, hiring trends, technographics, buyer intent signals, and buyer propensity insights.

With Workforce Speed Planning, HR leaders can make faster, more informed decisions about where to focus and invest on the right set of resources to streamline revenue operations.

Solution features

Drive focus in Workforce Planning for Business Continuity to achieve goals

  • Tactical and strategic Workforce Planning for Operations
  • Operational role outlooks and gap analysis based on skills
  • “What-if” scenarios are embedded to further enhance the modeling exercise and make it more viable and real time
  • Sophisticated compensation modeling
  • Training, re-hiring, and retaining costs available to make faster decision at employee level
  • Aspects of BCP during exigencies or calamities embedded in the solution offering
  • Resource cross-skill model is based on inputs from the BCP team to ensure which workforce is available where
  • Ability to integrate the CIO data on remote enablement
  • Predictive attrition planning using AI/ML along with a prescriptive solution
  • Prescriptive supply and demand operations planning with cost impact
Chart showing Wipro topdown raise
Wipro chart showing headcount
Wipro chart showing remote readiness