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Akili FP&A Solution

Every company, from large to small, needs a robust planning solution in today’s ever-changing environment. Companies cannot operate with Excel and all of the challenges spreadsheets present.

As most mid-size firms begin their search for a solution, they quickly feel that they must be willing to spend well beyond the planned outlay or they must significantly compromise on the capability delivered by the dominant enterprise planning and solutions currently in the marketplace.

What if you could have both? What if you could have a low-cost solution that solves your problems today and in the future and could be implemented in a few weeks?

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Akili's FP&A Solution

Akili has leveraged the power of Anaplan to create a complete planning solution that can be implemented in a few weeks. You can have your data loaded and ready to plan in as little as four weeks from the project’s initiation.

Unlike other planning solutions, the implementation of Akili’s solution is not the end of your planning journey. Users can easily add custom dashboards to the solution’s capability. The flexibility of the Anaplan platform allows you to extend your planning footprint over time into additional areas of your business, such as supply chain or sales performance management. Our solution solves your current problems without limiting your ability to adapt as your business grows and evolves.

Solution features

The Akili solution provides complete capability in the following areas:

  • Top-down planning.
  • Revenue and COGS.
  • Opex planning with multiple methods available to develop the plan.
  • Workforce planning that supports the planning of headcount, salaries, and related costs.
  • Capex.
  • Allocations.
  • Reporting.
  • Optional Items, like statistical revenue planning.
Akili dashboard image
Akili dashboard image
Akili dashboard image