Product Demand Forecast and Accuracy

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Allitix’s Demand Forecast and Accuracy model allows clients to dynamically forecast product demand using a variety of assumptions and drivers.

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Dynamically — and accurately — forecast product demand

Allitix’s Demand Forecast and Accuracy model combines an aspect of statistical forecasting, historical drivers, and top-down assumptions to provide users with multiple forecast iterations. The forecast compare and accuracy components allow end users to view variances between historical forecasts and see how accurate those forecasts are compared to their actual demand.

Allitix resources offer an unconstrained approach to client challenges, eased by the firm’s multidisciplinary expertise. We seamlessly become part of our clients’ specialized solution ecosystem and democratize knowledge to optimize their transformation.

Solution features

  • Forecast demand by product and region based on various drivers.
  • Compare prior and current forecasts side-by-side.
  • Leverage 12 statistical methods to predict demand based on transaction history.
  • Create product lifecycles to view historic product releases and how they impact similar product demand.
  • Analyze deltas in forecast demand and compare forecast accuracy vs. actual demand.
Allitix chart for Forecast Comparison and Accuracy
Allitix chart for Forecast plan
Allitix chart for Product lifecycle set-up