Digital Underwriting in Commercial Insurance

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The Deloitte Digital Corporate Underwriting solution in Anaplan provides underwriters in the commercial insurance segment with a comprehensive set of functionalities to optimize pricing and improve profitability. The solution integrates Salesforce opportunity data into Anaplan, embeds artificial intelligence to orchestrate structured and unstructured data, and leverages Arria on top of Anaplan to automatically generate the commercial offer based on pricing information calculated in the Connected Planning platform.

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Solution features

  • More effective pricing. Customize the pricing process to customer’s governance and leverage pricing methods.
  • Improved customer targeting and retention. Create differentiating targeting and retention approaches.
  • Enhanced controls and transparency. Fully auditable pricing structure enables the use of external drivers.
  • Improved operational efficiencies. Deloitte estimates the ROI of the solution to 100% over a 12 months period.