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Retail merchandise and assortment planning allows you to optimize your plan by meeting HQ’s and local plans.

  • Prepare assortments and clusters.
  • Set central objectives and OTB.
  • Set stores’ local objectives.
  • Harness the power of the optimizer to deliver an optimal solution instantly.
  • Manage store allocations and replenishment.
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Optimize your merchandise and assortment planning

Plan and optimize your assortments from clustering to store allocation and replenishment in respect to your central and local objectives and budgets.

Solution features

All the essential steps of assortment planning with a touch of advanced algorithm

  • Automated seasonality calculations.
  • Store clustering.
  • Central objectives (including OTB and sales forecast).
  • Stores local objectives.
  • Reconciliation workflows.
  • Allocation and replenishment assisted by the Optimzer (advanced linear optimization algorithm).
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MeltOne app Seasonality calculations
MeltOne app Optimizer in action